Fish Processing

We know that in the seafood industry it's hard to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Whooshh offers a more efficient, hygienic, and space saving way to move fish to, from, or around your plant. Our systems are customized and flexible, so no matter how unique the shape of your plant, we'll know how to fit.

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What are components?

They are stand alone parts that can help make existing systems work a little better. They help you problem solve.

our components

​Our Components


The conveyor fed accelerator is used to transport mort fish in seafood and aquaculture processing plants. It is designed for high volume and speed, with fish sizes pre-sorted. Does struggling to move a whole fish from a conveyor belt to a filet line in another building or some distance away sound familiar? We want to help with that.


Our MigratorTubes are transport tubes, created from a continuous extrusion manufacturing process to avoid seams and joints that are hard on the fish . The MigratorTubes are soft, flexible, and slippery - just how the fish like them. Long tubes include injectors for misting every two meters to assure fish glide in a near friction-less environment  to transport all fish forward or backward, up, down, over and around objects inside or outside.  The FishMigrator come in many sizes: T-105, T-123,  T-145, T-168, T-195 to accommodate most migrating adult fish species.