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Fish Passage

Passage fish in a safe, effective, manner -without bringing invasive species along. Whooshh systems can move and sort fish regardless of geography, height of obstacle, or even changing water levels.

Invasive Species Removal

Identify, separate, and refuse passage to the foreign and invasive species causing havoc in your natural habitat. 

Scanning & Sorting
Our data and scanning systems combine machine learning with high speed imagery, allowing for real time automated decision and data enhancement. 
Fish Handling

Our fish handling systems are designed specifically to reduce stress, keeping our fish happy, and allowing you a higher quality and quantity yield.

Fish Processing

Whooshh offers a more efficient, hygienic, and space saving way to move fish to, from, or around your plant. Our systems are customized and flexible, so no matter how unique the shape of your plant, we'll know how to fit.

Whooshh Around The World

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