Fish Passage 

Our fish passage systems are volitional systems. This means you don't have to get your hands dirty - the fish can just swim on in. People looking to pass large quantities of fish (although we can handle small, too) over dams or other obstructions tend to like these systems. We sell our systems as complete bundles, and as components.

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​What are bundles? 

They are complete volitional fish passage systems that can scan, sort, and pass fish. Our bundles can meet your wildest needs.

our bundles


What are components? 

They are stand alone parts that are used in our complete volitional passage systems. They can't do the job alone, but they can help get you there - whether in our systems or as part of your custom solution.

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​Our Bundles


The PassagePortal is a floating, selective fish passage system that works with dams of every height, and most species of fish. It includes the option of a floating platform for entry and/or exit, and includes the components SP Fishway, FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, Gatekeeper, BurstBuster, and MigratorTubes.


The Selector is an auto-sort device, without transport, that works with existing fish ladders or fish handling facilities. Optional components include the BurstBuster and MigratorTubes.


The Catch is a selective catch device used in commercial fishing. The Catch system works well with pound nets, but these are optional and not included. It does however include the components SP Fishway, FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, Gatekeeper, MigratorTubes, and the floating platform.


the specs

The Switchback is a series of short ramp climbs with rest options that addresses elver entry access over a range of water surface elevations. It requires minimal land use footprint, and for the off season it lifts above water surface via guide rails. 

More questions about elver and our systems? We have so much more to tell, just click the link below.

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the specs

Our design is based on eel behavior and perfected in Sweden. The Elverator not only protects elver from predators, independent studies have confirmed that this unique floating system safely collects up to 300% more elver (including larger elver, not to brag) than traditional elver ramps. 

More questions about elver and our systems? We have so much more to tell, just click the link below.

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The Lampway is a free standing adult lamprey passage system. We designed the Lampway to be especially easy for the lamprey to climb, and for you to maintain. We worked hard to make sure it's a quick installation, and to accommodate a range of forebay levels.

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​​Our Components



The EF-16 system is part of the Elver Collection. We designed it out of overlapping, interlocking features and to be accommodating of a range of elements, such a size of elver, and the system is complete with velocity adjustment obstacles and rest structures for climbing elver. 

More questions about elver and our systems? We have so much more to tell, just click the link below.

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Fish Faucet

The Fish Faucet is a false weir that has been designed to assure the fish enter one after another, while minimizing fall back and using less water. It is a virtual fish faucet . 

SP Fishway

The SP Fishway is designed in 10' (3.3 meter) sections that can be bolted together to extend the length, as shown in the photo to our left. Our steep pass system can be used for entry into the Whooshh Passage Portal or as a standalone for attracting fish into fish handling facilities. It also can be used through conduits/culverts and over barriers 10' high or less.


Our MigratorTubes are transport tubes, created from a continuous extrusion manufacturing process to avoid seams and joints that are hard on the fish . The MigratorTubes are soft, flexible, and slippery - just how the fish like them. Long tubes include injectors for misting every two meters to assure fish glide in a near friction-less environment  to transport all fish forward or backward, up, down, over and around objects inside or outside.  The FishMigrator come in many sizes: T-105, T-123,  T-145, T-168, T-195 to accommodate most migrating adult fish species.


The BurstBuster is a swim in accelerator, used to help live fish glide through our MigratorTubes and used in volitional fish passage systems such as the Passage Portal.  There is no vacuum used with this accelerator and all gates are opened and closed automatically using laser sensors to assure fish safety.

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