The Components
The Specs
The Components

The components of the PurgePoreter are sold both as part of the PurgePorter bundle, as well as individually.

Images are for illustration only, actual designs may vary based on individual customization needs.

Salmon Cannon

The Salmon Cannon component is an accelerator for manual hand feed transport, allowing for fish transportation both indoors and outdoors.


The cart component is a portable cart, designed to be moved through narrow corridors in aquaculture plants. 

Transport Tubes

The Transport Tubes are designed to be soft, flexible, and slippery and can be used to transport fish forwards, backwards, up, down, and around objects, both indoors and outdoors. 

The Transport Tubes come in sizes T-123,  T-145, T-168, T-195 to accommodate most adult fish specs.

The Specs

specs coming soon.