The Components
The Specs
The Components

The components of the Guardian are sold both as part of the Guardian bundle, as well as individually.

Images are for illustration only, actual designs may vary based on individual customization needs.

FishL Recognition

The FishL Recognition component is a part of our scanner collection. It is a fish scanning machine vision system that works with all species of fish. 

As each fish enters the scanner, eighteen high definition images are taken from three different directions, and the best images are identified within a fraction of a second. These images are then further analyzed to collect data such as count, length, girth, species, and fin clips. This data, collected within .5 seconds, and enables instant autonomous sorting.


The BurstBuster component is a swim in accelerator, designed to help fish glide through our MigratorTubes in our passage systems. There is no vacuum used with this accelerator, and all gates open and close automatically, using laser sensors to assure fish safety.

SP Fishway

The SP Fishway is a component of our passage systems, where it is used as an entry into the system. It is a steep pass system, designed in 10' (3.3 meter) sections that can be bolted together to create extended length. 

While designed for our PassagePortal system, it also has the capability to function as a standalone for attracting fish into fish handling facilities. It also is effective in use through conduits/culverts, and over barriers up to 10' high.  

Fish Faucet

The Fish Faucet component is a false weir. It is designed to ensure that the fish enter the PassagePortal system one after the another while using less water and minimizing fall back. It is a virtual fish faucet

optional components

Migrator Tubes

The Migrator Tubes components are transport tubes. They are designed to be soft, flexible, and slippery, because that's how the fish like them. 

Long tubes include injectors for misting every two meters, assuring fish glide in a near frictionless environment. The Migrator Tubes can be used to transport fish forwards, backwards, up, down, and around objects - both indoors and outdoors. 

The Migrator Tubes come in sizes T-105, T-123,  T-145, T-168, T-195 to accommodate most migrating adult fish species.

Floating Platform

The floating platform component is a Flexifloat product, designed to carry our systems onto the water for custom location placement.

The Specs

SP Fishway

2250 lbs

compressor equipment skid

1250 lbs

axial pump piping

800 lbs

​(scanner and flowbox skid)

1600 lbs

​(accelerator skid)

750 lbs

VFD equipment skid

3000 lbs

axial pump

2250 lbs

scanner cabinet

1250 lbs

Fish Faucet
​(attraction flow pump)

1000 lbs