The Components
The Specs
The Components


The Whooshh Innovations EF-16 Climbing Substrate is a durable and modular substrate that is designed to attract and pass a broad cross-section of eels, from elver to yearlings, with a wide range of sizes. 

Original tiles are used throughout the entire ramp except for the uppermost part of the ramp were the end tile is used together with a PVC half pipe (3-4´´ diameter) to create a curved descent to the collecting box (sold separately.) 

The EF-16™ tiles comes with a standard width of 200 mm, a common ramp width of 400 mm needs four EF-16™ tiles per meter of ramp. 

*Specialized tile sizes can be produced

Typical rivet placement, maximum rivet/screw head size: 6.5 mm, five rivets/screws per tile

The Specs

Dimensions of the Switchback

830 x 980 mm x height* 

*Height is the required vertical distance to accommodate 

climb from water surface (incl. river fluctuations) to external 

collection box or Elver Chamber™ 

Dimensions of Ramps

Angle: 30° 

Width: 400 mm 

Length: 920 mm 

Height Options Offered

Sequential switchback increments of 

925 mm 

Proprietary Climbing Substrate: EF-16 

Studded substratum facilitates a “3D” climbing structure 

for more efficient capture over a range of elver sizes. 

Interlocking tiles of 

490 x 200 x 40 mm 

Portion of Ramp Below Water Level 

~1/3 or 1 ft 

Design Features

Requires minimal land use footprint 

Lifts above water surface via guide rails during off season

Addresses elver entry access over a 

range of water surface elevations


Series of short ramp climbs with rest options 

vs. a continuous extended ramp 

Water Flow & Power Requirements

Water Pump

 ~500 l/min 

Flow rate down EF-16 tiles ~ 9-10 l/min 

(on 400 mm width EF-16) via single phase, 230V, 10A (depending on manufacturer) 

Additional Features

Predation Screens: Upper portion shielded 

by perforated aluminum sheet; lower 

portion has stainless steel netting (20 x 20 

mm mesh) 

Retrieval and Transport: Adaptable to 

retrieval of caught elver in collection box or 

the optional Elver Chamber™ which is 

capable of pumping collected elver over a 

barrier or to a more convenient retrieval site