Fish Handling 

Nobody likes a stressed fish, least of all the fish themselves. Moving fish between tanks or net pens by traditional methods, such as aqua pumps, often creates a stressful situation for the fish. This can lead to injuries, mortalities, and reduced product quality due to elevated cortisol levels in the tissue. We prefer our fishes happy and healthy, and that's why our handling systems are designed specifically to reduce stress, keeping our fish happy, and allowing you a higher quality and quantity yield.

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What are bundles? 

They are complete fish handling systems that can move fish right away. 

our bundles


What are components? 

They are stand alone parts that make up our fish handling systems. They can't do the job alone, but they can help get you there - whether in our systems or as part of your custom solution.

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​​Our Bundles


The StudyBuddy is a fish biologists robot assistant. It is compatible with all species of fish, and works in adult fish handling facilities. The StudyBuddy comes with the components FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, and Gatekeeper. Optional components include the BurstBuster or MigratorTubes.


The Guide system is also known as our "original salmon cannon." It is commonly used for fish handling, fish  transfer, carp removal, fish rescue, fish celebrations/festivals, and training demonstrations. It is compatible with all species of fish as well as cannon sponge balls, and we offer the optional trailer component. The Guide includes components BurstBuster and MigratorTubes.


The Tuber is a mobile trap and haul transfer system. The Tuber system works well with component trap and truck, but these are optional and not included. It does however include the components Trailer, Generator Trailer, MigratorTubes, and BurstBuster.


The Broodmaker is a fish handling transfer system that is compatible with all species of fish. It is compact, designed for moving Broodstock in aquaculture and hatchery operations. The Broodmaker includes the components BurstBuster, MigratorTubes, and Cart.


The FishCradle is our floating small fish trap system, with its own attraction flow produced on-board. The FishCradle is used in collecting small fish species for studies where the numbers of fish are unknown, or more data is needed to better determine the best location for a permanent passage system.

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​Our Components

Salmon Cannon

Our Salmon Cannon system is a hand fed accelerator, used to help live fish glide through our FishMigrator tubes, and used in hand loaded applications (such as when collecting or sorting brood stock.) There is a vacuum used with this accelerator, and all gates are opened and closed by the fish touching a pressure balanced door to assure easy loading and fish safety.

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