Invasive Species Removal

Our invasive species removal systems, combined with our innovative scanning systems, create a world in which identifying, segregating, and refusing passage to foreign and invasive species becomes possible. Species such as Shad, Small Mouth Bass, Wall Eye, Common Carp, and many others now can be identified and separated. Using automated sorting with sorting gates, our systems were designed to reduce the harm that invasive species are causing in natural habitats around the world. 

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What are bundles? 

They are complete invasive species removal systems, composed of multiple components. They are sold already ready for action. 

our bundles

​Our Bundles


The Selector is an auto-sort device that is compatible with all species of fish, and works in existing fish ladders or fish handling facilities. It includes the option of the components BurstBuster and MigratorTubes.


The Guardian is an automated invasive species remover system that works with fish guided in by net or electronic guidance, and is compatible with all species of fish. 

You can choose to include the optional MigratorTubes or floating platform for entry, and the system comes with our components SP Fishway, FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, Gatekeeper, and BurstBuster.