Scanning & Sorting

Our scanning and sorting systems are volitional systems with modular entry and machine vision scanning. This means you don't have to get your hands dirty - the fish can just swim on in. It also allows us to gather data on the fish coming through - such as number, species, size, potential damage present, and whether the fish came from a hatchery or the wild. Our systems combine machine learning with high speed imagery, allowing for real time automated decision and data enhancement. 

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What are bundles?

They are complete scanning and sorting systems composed of multiple components. They are sold ready to scan and sort.

our bundles


What are components? 

They are stand alone parts that make up our complete scanning and sorting systems. They can't do the job alone, but they can help get you there - whether in our systems or as part of your custom solution.

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What are services? 

These are services we can provide to maximize your benefit of our systems.

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​Our Bundles


The Gatekeeper system is a presorter scan and sort system that works in existing fish ladders or handling facilities, and is compatible with all species of fish. Optional components BurstBuster and MigratorTubes can be included, and the Gatekeeper system comes with the components FishL Recognition and Gatekeeper.

​Our Components

​FishL Recognition

The FishL Recognition system is a fish scanning machine vision system that works with all species of fish. Powered by Ellips, eighteen high definition images are taken of every fish from three different directions. The best images are identified within a fraction of a second, and then further analyzed to collect data; such as count, length, girth, species, fin clips, etc. to enable autonomous sorting all within  0.5 seconds. 

​Our Services


We provide real time data that is collected and organized for easy analysis, reporting, and compliance. As more and more FishL Recognition systems are deployed throughout the world, our database of species information continues to grow - providing global insights needed to target recovery actions.


A new way to look at fish. Images that are so clear and unique that they barely seem real - we provide images of the fish out of the water, but not constrained by hands, nets, or turbid waters. These images lend themselves to new insights, such as type of injury, disease, fungus, condition and, for some species, even their sex.