​October 18, 2020

Paul Henwood

Paul Henwood Joins Whooshh Innovations as Chief Product Officer.

Paul joined Whooshh Innovations as Chief Product Officer, responsible for Engineering, R&D, Supply Chain and Deployment of Whooshh products and services. He brings 35 years of experience in management and highly technical hands-on roles in the medical ultrasound, consumer electronics, industrial computing, optical and metrology industries. 

Prior to joining Whooshh Innovations, Paul served for ten years as President & CEO of MicroConnex Corporation, growing the company 5x and guiding the company through a successful sale to Carlisle Interconnect Technologies. He formerly was in the same role with Metron Systems, a producer of 3-D laser scanning systems. 

Early in his career he spent a decade as a test and transducer engineer for Siemens Medical Systems. Paul has also worked in engineering and manufacturing roles for a series of early-stage technology ventures in a variety of industries. Paul received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.

As I learned about Whooshh and the technology the team developed to address some extraordinarily challenging issues, I became very intrigued. Rarely does an opportunity come to do so much in parallel: helping endangered fish species, helping the environment by promoting clean energy, improving our ability to feed the planet, all while building a very strong business. This is the essence of win-win for all involved and I’m tremendously excited to help us achieve our long-term success."

“When it was time to commercialize our products so that we could scale with increased demand for fish passage and aquaculture solutions around the world, we knew we needed an experienced operations leader. Paul is a perfect compliment to our team and talent. We are fortunate that Paul was ready to bring his energy, enthusiasm and rigor to our innovative data driven solutions.” 
- Vince Bryan III, Whooshh Innovations CEO

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