​October 1, 2020

Virginia Howell.

Virginia Howell Joins Whooshh Innovations as Business Development & Regulatory Specialist - Hydropower

Whooshh Innovations is proud to announce that Virginia Howell has joined the company as our business development and regulatory specialist, hydropower.  


Virginia has managed complex hydropower and environmental licensing processes for years, having worked on multi-year projects for Puget Sound Energy, the Army Corps of Engineers, and Tetra Tech Consultants. 

Virginia has also been an early proponent of Whooshh fish passage technologies and our vision for a more affordable, less contentious, and quickly deployable solution. She fully appreciates how Whooshh can shrink timelines for threatened fish species and helps bring stakeholders together around a common resolve to deliver on clean renewable energy, while selectively restoring access for native fish species to their historical habitat.

“After watching the Whooshh technology emerge over time to provide timely, cost-effective and fish-friendly solutions needed on so many projects, I’m excited to be part of this next extraordinary phase of restoration and enhancement of our world-wide fishery resource,” said Virginia Howell.

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"Virginia has been a trusted partner in FERC proceedings and worked closely with diverse stakeholders, moving projects slowly forward even without a full complement of tools. 

We are thrilled Virginia has joined Whooshh to help us bring solutions today to these decades old headaches where litigation and mitigation have all too often lead to prolonged and unsatisfactory results,” said Vincent Bryan III, CEO of Whooshh Innovations, Inc.