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April 12, 2021

​Contact: Press@whooshh.com

Whooshh Innovations, the creators of the Salmon Cannon, are open for investments.

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SEATTLE, WA -- Whooshh Innovations, the company who famously went viral for the 'Salmon Cannon,' has opened up investment in the company to the public for the first time ever. After over 10-years of dedicated work, disrupting the world of fish passage with solutions that for the first time enable selective fish passage, restore access to natural habitat, and help limit CO2, the company is now accepting investments on StartEngine.

Driven by the increasingly urgent state of the changing climate and their belief in the global community's capacity for making a difference, Whooshh Innovations is providing the opportunity for others to be a part of their mission to save the fish, feed the planet, and grow clean energy. 

They are dedicated to making an impact for the earth and its citizens both now and for the generations to come. 

After committing millions of dollars from accredited investors to R&D over the years, an evolutionary process based off meticulous research and trials and errors that laid the foundation for the dynamic solutions sold today, 2020 brought successes in which Whooshh Innovations nearly doubled in size and more deployments in the year of Covid.

Whooshh invites you join other new investors who have invested through their dedicated site on the StartEngine platform to be a part of the push in solving the politically complex but urgent problems the earth is facing today with their novel fish passage products. To learn more about the opportunity to invest in Whooshh Innovations, just follow the invest now buttons, or watch the short video below to take a deeper dive into Whooshh Innovations and how they mean to change the world.