Aug 9, 2021

Whooshh Innovations Unveils Alternative Snake River Dams Plan  

SEATTLE, Wash. -- As the fight over what to do with the lower Snake River dams rages on, Seattle-based Whooshh Innovations has unveiled an alternative plan that could provide immediate help for endangered salmon and Steelhead.                                                                                                                                                       

The $67 million plan would replace the fish ladders on all four lower Snake River dams with a Whooshh Passage Portal™, which is 500-times less expensive than Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson’s $33.5 billion proposal to breach the four lower Snake River dams.  

Whooshh Passage Portals™ would be used in place of fish ladders at the four dams and hydropower owners would use the water that usually flows through the ladders to generate power instead. The added power generation would more than pay for the purchase price in 10 years and could be in operation by 2023.  


Whooshh CEO Vince Bryan laid out the innovative plan to the publication Clearing Up.                                                               

"We have to be willing to admit that what we've done for years, and what we keep repeating, is not going to produce a different result," he told the publication. Or, because of climate change, the result will be different—and much worse—for fish. 


Click here to read more on the plan and how you can get involved.


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