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why now?

Our CEO, Vince Bryan III, explains why it is so critical that we start addressing the issues that threaten native fish species - and what Whooshh is doing about it. 

how does it work?

how do the fish get from here to there?

everything explained by an engineer

Jim Otten, the head engineer behind many of our systems, explains the brilliant engineering behind Whooshh systems.

everything explained by a biologist

Our lead biologist, Janine Bryan, explains the impact of Whooshh systems from a biological standpoint.

everything explained by an economist

Steve Dearden delves into the nitty gritty finance of it all.

featuring whooshh

Q-13 News

High-tech, Portable Fish Passage May Revolutionize Salmon Transports Over Dams, Barriers

K5 News

Seattle Company Helping Salmon Trapped by Fraser River Rockslide

Be Amazed!

Canon Launches Salmon at 22mph Through This 1700 Ft. Long Tube

The Department of Energy

Salmon Cannon Gives Fish a Boost Over Dams

CBS News

Cannon Shoots Salmon Upriver to Help Reach Breeding Grounds

The Science Channel

The Salmon Cannon is NOT a Weapon!


The 'Salmon Cannon' sorts and shoots fish over a dam

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Whooshh Fish Passage Featured on Right This Minute

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'Salmon cannon' shoots fish upstream for spawning

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Here's Why They Build a Cannon to Blast Salmon Over a Dam

just for fun

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert talks to the world during his "Meanwhile" segment about the "Salmon Cannon" internet fame and explains how our technology was used to help gymnast Simone Biles make her flips (100%, totally, true)

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Could Whooshh be somehow involved in the latest missile crisis? 

Last Week Tonight

Where we first received the nickname 'Salmon Cannon' at the hands of John Oliver