Whooshh Passage (2016)

the question
the conclusion
the question

Yakama Nation Laboratory

Dave Fast, Mark Johnson, Bill Bosch

Spring Chinook

Is it feasible to safely, efficiently and effectively transport salmon 1,100 ft distance with a 100 ft elevation via the Whooshh Fish Transport System?

the conclusion

Yes. In the summer of 2016 late spring summer Chinook were transported via WFTS 1,100 ft with a 100 ft elevation in ~35 seconds with controlled deceleration into a hatchery truck. 

The fish were hauled to Cle Elum hatchery and observed for adult survival until ripe for harvest (1-3 months) and egg viability. Comparisons of adult survival and egg viability were drawn between the 1,100 ft WFTS Chinook and ~85 ft hand carriage or 40 ft Chinook groups. 

No difference in adult survival or egg viability was observed between the groups.

study report