Innovative Fish-Friendly Systems for Land-Based or Net Pen Aquaculture 

If you’re in the competitive business of aquaculture, you understand the importance of taking care of each and every fish you raise.

Moving fish from tank to tank or tank to net pen by traditional methods such as aqua pumps often creates a situation where the fish are stressed, which in turn can lead to injury, mortalities, and/ or reduced product quality from elevated cortisol levels in the tissue.

Now there’s a solution:  Whooshh Innovations offers aquaculture producers a more efficient and fish-friendly way to move those valuable broodstock and/or fish destined for the table.  Because healthy fish contribute to a healthy bottom line, why not “whooshh”?


Reduced Stress = Higher Quality

If you’re looking for a “kinder, gentler” way to move fish within or from your aquaculture operation, look no further than Whooshh.  Our fish-friendly system can be configured to your specifications.

Since fish are in and out quickly, fish stress is lower, resulting in higher quality and higher yields.

Volitional, Hand-fed or Assisted Entry

Fish will enter the Whooshh system on their own volition through controlled water flow. Systems can also be designed to assist the fish into the entry point by hand or via crowder.

Customized Solutions

Whooshh offers a range of solutions that can be customized to fit your specific operation.

Enhanced Features Available

Your Whooshh system can be integrated with specific add-ons that include, but are not limited to 

• Scanning

• Sorting