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We know Whooshh is one of the leading innovators in the world of fish passage. 

But don't take our word for it.

Our Awards

 Our Testimonials

Mark Johnston, Research Scientist Yakama Nation Fisheries

"The fish fly right through without so much as a scratch. Also, you won’t have to divert water, as you do in a ladder system. Out here, the economy is all about agriculture, and water is gold. That’s what makes Whooshh such a great concept."

Eric Kinne, Washington Dept of Fisheries & Wildlife, Hatchery Reform Coordinator

"The Process is much easier on the fish than the old method that involved totes and forklifts and a lot more time."

Dr. Steve Summerfelt, The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute

"This system was highly effective in rapidly moving large salmon through a 12-m-long tube. Moving large fish without water offers a huge advantage, particularly in recirculating systems, because typical 30-cm-diameter fish pumps can require a flow of more than 4,000 L/minute to move fish."

Elise Olk, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Scientific Tech

"It's definitely much more efficient. It's less handling for the fish too."