Fish-friendly, Environmentally Sustainable Technology


At Whooshh Innovations, we’re serious about moving live fish. 

We’re committed to taking part in the global conversation as well as being part of a global solution to restoring migratory fish to their native spawning grounds.  What keeps us going is a vision of healthy fish populations that contribute to a vibrant ecosystem, feed people, provide recreation, and stimulate local economies, while allowing for clean hydropower production.

We’re also committed to searching for better ways to move fish — and we are ready to put our technology to work to help people and organizations that are also committed to making a difference in the world of fish passage.

Our solutions are now being recognized and accepted by government agencies, tribal entities, hydro operators, fish biologists, and conservation organizations as an efficient, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and better way to move fish safely.

Better for the Environment

Our fish-friendly and efficient systems move fish quickly without the need to use or pump a lot of water.  When water management is a priority, the Whooshh solution makes better sense, not just for the fish and for the environment, but also for others who depend on the availability of water for other uses.

Volitional or Assisted Entry

Depending on the application, fish can either enter the Whooshh tube by themselves or they can be assisted.


Whooshh substantially reduces annual operating costs over traditional passage systems.


Good for the Fish

A November 2014 national laboratory study of the efficacy of the Whooshh system with adult fall Chinook salmon versus “trap and haul” found: 

• No mortalities or signs of injury to fish

• Immune responses and egg survival were similar in both Whooshh and trap & haul

• The results from using the Whooshh system were comparable to or better than trap and haul.


Enhanced Worker Safety

Moving fish safely within or near rivers can be hazardous for the professionals whose livelihoods depend on transporting fish.

The Whooshh system eliminates the need for moving fish across the river by handbag or tote, thus minimizing a key danger that has often been “part of the job.”  This situation can create significant risk for management.


Recognized by the Hydropower Industry

The U.S. Department of Energy, the National Hydropower Association, and the hydropower industry have begun to recognize that the Whooshh Salmon Cannon™ offers many benefits to industry when it comes to guiding and moving fish over and around obstacles, including a standardized flexible solution that can easily be modified and optimized even after installation.

Install in Days – Not Years

The Whooshh system can be used on non-ESA (Endangered Species Act) fish today. Further, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is currently reviewing the Whooshh system on a project-by-project basis under its experimental design guidelines in cases where ESA species are involved. For projects that require expert NMFS consultation, Whooshh offers fish passage expertise to streamline project approval.