• The Chief Joseph Dam 
    S.A.V.E. Fish Passage Project

    Salmon over high head dams? It can be done.

What is the Chief Joseph S.A.V.E. Fish Passage Project?

In the spirit of Governor Inslee’s call to accelerate recovery efforts for the benefit of salmon and the orca, Whooshh Innovations will be demonstrating its state-of-the-art S.A.V.E.  fish passage technology at the Chief Joseph Dam - a Selective, Autonomous, Volitional, Economical solution.

Working together with Whooshh Innovations, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the US Army Corps of Engineers, all necessary permits were issued to deploy the Whooshh Passage Portal™ just below Chief Joseph dam during the 2019 Summer and Fall Chinook salmon runs.


Chief Joseph Dam currently marks the farthest point salmon can migrate up the Columbia River system today. Site selection was key for access to a relative abundance of non-listed Chinook.  Whooshh Innovations representatives will be on-hand to explain the system’s operation and capabilities and answer your questions about this transformative fish passage  solution. 

Sharing a vision of accelerating the recovery of native fish species, Whooshh Innovations demonstrated its Whooshh Passage Portal, which can enable selective fish passage over previously impassable barriers world-wide.

The Whooshh Passage Portal™ will be anchored offshore on a floating barge near the base of the dam, and will be set up to demonstrate the following.

Volitional Entry

Its our Fish Faucet™.  Fish swim into the system on their own, minimizing fall back.

Scanning & Sorting

FishL Recognition™ - our machine-vision scanning product, produces 18 crystal clear images of every fish, generating next level data for improved fisheries management. Our Gatekeeper™ is where our automated real time sorting decisions are implemented for each fish. This is key for selective fish passage, e.g. hatchery versus wild and/or invasive species removal. 


Fish Migrator™ is the name of our proprietary misted tubes which safely and gently allow  fish to continue their migratory journey without  delay or stress.

10 years of innovations
have  brought us here.

Fish passage options have changed little in the last 100 years.  This fact, coupled with climate change now requires a new way of thinking about how to quickly pass native fish over dams on their migratory journey without enabling invasive fish species to take up residence in the waterway .  Continuing to do the same thing while endangered species teeter on extinction is simply not an option. 

Whooshh Innovations smart systems help resolve real-world water resource conflicts such as restoring declining fish runs, saving more water and creating more clean power.  Fish passage with Whooshh not only accelerates recovery of native fish species, it saves money, money that could be used for other restoration efforts, while allowing for more efficient allocation of the available water.

Join us on September 10th at Chief Joesph Dam to learn more about the multi faceted solutions the Whooshh Passage Portal offers. 

Pass fish gently & safely over barriers such as dams while tackling invasive fish species problem

Save more water & aid in the production of more clean power

Reduce stress and better utilize salmon energy reserves towards a more successful spawning

Accurately synthesize next-level fisheries data for better decision-making