Economics of our PT Mobile Harvest System

What are the opportunities to improve harvest efficiency if using an automated harvest system? What would it do? Here is what we heard from all of you:

  • it would dramatically improve harvest productivity
  • it would reliably sort the good fruit from the cull/industry fruit in the field
  • it would decrease product transportation costs
  • it would report on the number, size, and color of the fruit in the bin
  • it would be useable for numerous tree fruit crops, including apple, citrus, and stone-fruit
  •  it would allow for picking at night
  •  it would not be sensitive to the length of the row
  •  it would fit in and work more efficiently than hand labor in almost any orchard  configuration
  •  it would decrease ladder induced injuries
  •  it would provide ergonomic improvements over hand labor - increasing    the available labor pool
  •  it would not need its own driver
  •  it would allow the grower to sell the culls directly to the processor
  •  it would damage less fruit
  •  it would be an advantage when recruiting migrant labor
  •  it would decrease the reliance on the H2A visa and those costs
  •  it would decrease spoilage in the bin

Enabled by the Whooshh fruit transport tubes, all of these requests are possible as demonstrated by our PickerTECH Mobile Harvest System.


Economics of our Pre-sort Solution

A dry pre-sort solution provides unmatched performance and flexibility by placing defect removal and re-binning capabilities on the front end of your commit-to-pack line. The resulting benefits include:

  • Reduced sorting costs achieved with automated defect removal in advance of manual sorting
  • Increased cup fill and productivity on the commit-to-pack line
  • Decreased exposure to "re-pack" costs by avoiding excessive inventory of non-target fruit
  • Reduced costs associated with washing, waxing, and labeling of un-packable fruit
  • Increased packing efficiency gained by accumulating "sufficient" quantities of non-target fruit
  • Increased profit potential for non-target fruit based on (re)storage and market timing capabilities