Improve Plant Efficiency Without Compromising Quality

Food processing is a high-volume, cost-conscious business– and nowhere is that more true than in the fish business. Seafood producers today face the challenge of cutting costs without compromising quality or food safety.

The Good News

Whooshh Innovations offers seafood processors a more efficient, hygienic, space-saving way to move fish to, from, or within the plant. Are you ready to Whooshh?

Gain a Competitive Edge

The proprietary Whooshh Fish Transport™ system, designed initially to help move live migratory fish up, over, and around obstacles such as dams and other barriers, can drastically improve the productivity of your fish processing plant, giving you a competitive edge.

Maximize Floor Space, Minimize Waste

Because it is fully enclosed and suspended from a ceiling or high walls, the “Whooshh tube” makes it possible to move fish safely and hygienically anywhere in the plant without the need for conveyor belt systems, ice-filled totes, forklifts, pallets, and large water treatment systems. The Whooshh system offers significant advantages: • Reduce labor costs and risks • Reduce waste; increase yield • Automate key systems

Custom Solutions

Whether you are designing a new plant or expanding an existing one, Whooshh can configure a tailored solution that works for your specific operation. Processing plants also benefit from our tube replacement program–known as the EVERCLEAN program–through which we can repair or replace your leased Whooshh tubes at least once per year at no additional cost.

The Whooshh Advantage

Are you ready to make your plant more efficient? Plants currently using the Whooshh system report a measurable increase in productivity, a reduction in energy consumption, and greater product yield. In addition, the system can be cleaned in less than 30 minutes, resulting in less downtime per shift.

• FDA-approved materials

• Meets new FSMA requirements

• Flexible configurations – 200+ meters in length

• High throughput – up to one fish per second

• EVERCLEAN™ program -- yearly tube repair or replacement