Whooshh Ambassadors: How You Can Help

Often times conservation groups, state or local agencies are aware of a fish passage or fish handling issue, but there are no resources dedicated to address the problem, and/or an independent study needs funding. You can help make a difference. If you are aware of a fish passage/ handling problem where our Whooshh solutions may be of help, let us know about it. We will work with local conservation groups, tribes and state and local agencies to deploy a Whooshh enabled solution. How? Put your dollar to work. Watch this video, and then take action. Do 1, 2 or all 3. Its not hard to help, and your support will have a positive impact on the world. Thank you for your support!!


1. Help get the word out on social media

2. Propose a fish passage or rescue project

We know there are thousands of fish passage projects out there that could benefit from Whooshh technolgies, we just don't know where they all are, and what the specifics of the problem may be.  Here is your chance to get directly involved. Make us aware of a fish passage project in your area.  We will collect this data in our database. It may mean a small project or a large one. All you need to do is make your best case to us and we will contact you to determine if the project meets our requirements. To help us gather the information needed, we need to estimate costs and feasibility. We have included a link to a form below.  Fill out the information requested, and hit submit. That's all you need to do. Submit your fish passage project proposal today! 

We will help identify a champion for the project, that can help  raise the funds for the qualified projects and acknowledge your contributions on our website. You will be notified when your project is listed on a crowd funded site. 


3. Crowd fund a fish passage or fish rescue project

Crowd sourcing and crowd funding are still largely in their infancy, and especially so outside of the traditional high tech arenas. We would like to help broaden the scope for small impact investors and conservation groups.  Support a crowd project in your area. Start one yourself (See step 3) or join one already in progress (we will list current Crowd on our website.

Crowd funded Whooshh fish transport projects will receive Whooshh Innovations expertise. If you have contributed dollars to an account which is used for a Whooshh fish transport project, your name will be included in the credits of the video we make after its completion (unless you would rather remain anonymous). You will also be invited to the site after installation, when the fish are running, for a Thank You celebration.

There are legal requirements that must be followed for crowd funded projects and established sites are set up and specially designed to help assure transparency for all parties involved. To assure the best experience for all involved, we reserve the right to turn down any project at our sole discretion, including those not sited on such crowd fund web sites.