Hatcheries & Rescue

Innovative Fish-Friendly Systems


Fish Hatcheries

Whether you are producing fish in a public or a private hatchery, you understand the importance of taking care of each and every fish. When you need to move fish to, from, or within a hatchery setting, the Whooshh system offers a proven solution that can be configured to most fish species and settings.

Reduced Fish Stress In fact, recent studies comparing the Whooshh system to traditional methods of moving adult Chinook salmon found no mortalities or obvious signs of injury to the fish. In addition, immune responses and egg survival were similar in both methods.

Volitional (No Handling) or Assisted Entry

Recent success with volitional entry—where fish swim into the Whooshh system on their own—offers operators an attractive option of moving fish without handling or hand-feeding. 

In addition, we can design a system to crowd the fish into the entry point of the Whooshh system.

Customized and Mobile Solutions The advantage of using the Whooshh system in a hatchery situation is that our systems can be configured in multiple ways, including length, height, and size of tube. Whooshh offers a range of solutions that can be customized to fit your specific operation, including mobile systems that can be moved from site to site.

Enhanced Features Available Your Whooshh system can be integrated with specific add-ons that include count, sorting for size, species, or hatchery/wild. If you’re looking for a gentle, efficient way to move fish within or from your facility, look no further than Whooshh.  Our fish-friendly system can be configured to your exact specifications and situation.


Fish Rescue

If you’re a fisheries manager, what do you do when river temperatures get too high, or river flows fall too low?

What happens when a construction project impacts a fish run?

What happens if Mother Nature creates a new barrier to fish passage?

And what happens if non-native species take over a lake or river system, threatening the survival of native fish species?

Where previous solutions were few and far between, today there is a solution:  Whooshh Innovations.

For fish rescue and invasive species removal, Whooshh offers a proven, effective way to move stranded or threatened fish to a place of safety, as well as to effectively remove invasive species. 

If fish rescue intervention is needed, the best insurance is to have Whooshh mobile fish rescue systems on standby.

Whooshh offers a safe and effective way to rescue stranded or heat-stressed fish—quickly, with no limit on the number of fish to be moved. The mobile Whooshh fish rescue unit can also be deployed anywhere at any time, even in remote areas where there is no access to power.  In that case, Whooshh offers a mobile system that has 3-phase 240V, 20kW capability to power the Whooshh system. If power is available, the mobile system requires 3-phase 240V or 480V plug and adapter.