Abbrieviated Specifications of PT MHS

 Max Width7.5 ft (2.28 m) track drive only (outside to outside)
 Max Height10.8 ft (3.35 m) at center only
 Max Length26.25 ft (8.0 m) fully extended
 Platform Reach17.1 ft (4.12 m) with extended platforms
 Platform Reach16.5 ft (5.03 m) with tiered platforms
 Ground Clearance 6.7 in (17.0 cm)
 Fuel Tank 30 US gal (113.5 L)
 Hydraulic Tank 28 US gal (105.9 L
 Weight (approx)
 12,000 lbs. (5400 kg) with fuel and oil

TrueSort is the name for Ellips’ basic software, a much-vaunted system which has succeeded in establishing a proven track record worldwide. TrueSort comes with a unique algorithm for the products you are grading. We are proud to be associated with Ellips' TruePort scanning products in North America.

•  Vision sort up to 24 lanes at a time

•  Sorting speeds of up to 25 cups/second per lane on the large fruit systems and 35 cups/second on the small fruit systems

•  Grades on all sizing planes including length, diameter and curvature  to accuracies of .02" on larger fruits and .02mm on smaller fruits

•  Grades on color by averages, percentages or pixel counts in  
increments of 1%

•  Grades on quality including defects, blemishes, scratches, mold and  more (currently only available on large fruit systems)

•  Can grade on weight

•  Grades the total surface area of the fruit
•  Includes a user friendly interface for easy sorting parameter adjustments

•  Sorting software communicates in "real-time" with the cameras, sensors and system actuators

•  Software can be controlled from multiple remote computers in your office  or facility (simultaneously if required)

•  Service and support can be administered remotely via the internet

•  System is tracking and traceability software ready