Whooshh Success Story:  Atlantic Salmon Processing

AUSTEVOLL SEAFOOD ASA - NORWAY                                                                                                    

The Challenge: With 122 salmon farming licenses in Norway, Austevoll Seafood ASA ranks among the world’s largest and most progressive salmon producers.  In searching for ways to streamline processing at the Austevoll Laksepakkeri AS plant in Storebø, Norway, Austevoll sought the assistance of Norwegian systems integrator, OptimarStette, to help find a way to replace the traditional totes, ice, and forklifts to move salmon through the plant—including through a long underground tunnel.

The Solution:  As part of a total plant overhaul, OptimarStette and Whooshh Innovations installed a single 140-meter system that not only increased the plant’s throughput, but also allowed the company to make better use of its floor plan by freeing up floor space. So successful was the first system that the company last year requested a second 140-meter parallel system for the plant.