Whooshh EVERCLEAN Program

Quality Assurance Program for the Whooshh Transport Tube                                                 

Let’s face it:  Every processing plant is unique. Even plants run by the same company may encounter challenges that are different from a very similar operation.  For this reason, we’ve introduced a program that’s designed to ensure that the Whooshh™ Transport Conduit (WTC)—or Whooshh tube—always works the way it is designed to work. Known as the EVERCLEAN™ program, we guaranteed to repair or replace the tube at least once per year or as often as necessary at no additional cost to you.

How it Works

When you purchase a Whooshh system, we deliver a two-part quote: 

  • Part 1 is a traditional equipment purchase, including all of the system hardware used to power and support the WTC pursuant to defined specifications
  • Part 2 includes the EverClean program lease, customized to your facility


What It Covers

  • Any abnormal wear and tear that occurs during normal use
  • Any hygiene issue identified during routine cleaning or testing
  • Any damage to or break in the tube that could have an impact on product transport


Why it works

We are able to quote lower up-front prices, giving you the benefit of defined and limited operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. Because annual pricing is locked in, there are no unpleasant budget surprises. Whether you are moving 10,000 live fish per season or 10,000 mort fish per day, the EverClean program assures you that the WTC will always be in top form and you will always know what it costs to operate the system.


Low-Risk Option 

We recognize that market conditions, locations and/or plant layouts change often. The Whooshh EverClean program offers you the flexibility to make changes as needed, without having to discard the old system or purchase a new one. In addition, this program offers you the flexibility of changing the length of the tube if you need to reconfigure your plant.


Improved Bottom Line 

By isolating operation and maintenance costs, you can easily calculate your ROI: 

  • If the WTC reduces labor costs for both transport and cleaning by one or two people, a ROI can often be achieved in months rather than years.  
  • More efficient throughput of higher quality product results in better yield—and bottom line. 
  • Financial benefits are attained quickly because of lower energy consumption, a reduction in the use of chemicals for cleaning, and a reduction in the use of water