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Pier 91- Port of Seattle, Bldg 156                        
​2001 West Garfield Street
​Seattle, WA 98119

Phone : 206-801-3565

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Don’t follow Google instructions once on 15th Avenue West/ Elliot Avenue. The turn is on Elliot (not 15th Avenue West) just South of the Albert Lee Appliance  store. It is important to get in the left lane immediately so you can cross over Elliott and the train tracks on the West Galer Street Flyover. Stay left at the Y. We are located within the Port of Seattle at Pier 91, and you will enter at Gate A, which is near where the American Seafoods and Trident boats dock. 

This is a secure facility so you must show your driver’s license to the person at the security gate.  

To get to Whooshh from Seattle, head to Elliott Avenue going north, and then take a right on the road for the Magnolia Viaduct and Piers 86-91. If you are arriving from the North, drive under the Magnolia bridge from 15th Avenue West and then take a left at the next left hand turn lane/light. Make sure you get in the left hand lane and take the West Galer Street Flyover. Do not go right at the Y as that will take you up the Magnolia viaduct. Stay to the left onto the overpass that crosses over Elliott Ave. At the stop sign, turn left  and proceed to the guard gate, Gate A. Show  your ID at the guard gate, then turn right at the stop sign just 50' ahead. Travel North alongside the railyard. You will come to a stop sign. Proceed straight ahead and you will see a low white building, with blue trim, Building 156. That is our building and our office entrance is  on the Northwest side of the building so you should take a left in front of the building and then take a right and park on the West side of the building. Walk around the corner, with Bldg 155, our shop, now on the left. Our entrance is on the Northwest side of the building.