We are Innovative

Whether it is restoring migratory fish to their native spawning grounds or helping producers with more fish-friendly solutions to transport live or harvested fish, at Whooshh, we are defined by our ability to find new solutions to old problems—through innovative state-of-the art technologies and materials science.


We are Sustainable

From designing environmentally friendly, water-sparing solutions for fish passage, moving fish to cooler, deeper waters during drought or low-water conditions, or moving fish in ways that are less stressful on the animal and less wasteful to the producer, one key principle guides us: Sustainability.


We are Passionate

At Whooshh Innovations, we are driven to find solutions to the most pressing challenges the world faces today: clean energy, safe protein production, efficient water use, and environmental conservation. Our team is guided by our mission to develop fish-friendly transport solutions across markets and industries.