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    ​This is Whooshh 

    We are revolutionizing the world of fish passage with solutions that enable selective fish passage, accelerate recovery, restore natural habitat, and limit CO2. 


How are we different? Our impact.

Water & Energy

Whooshh improves water management practices, resulting in less waste, and more reserve capacity, allowing for more electricity to be generated during peak demand hours. We create more water for farming without impacting migratory fish runs, and offset power lost due to environmental river flow requirements.

We believe clean energy and sustainable water practices go hand and hand.


Our systems assist native fish to pass over dams in seconds, rather than days. This means fish experience less stress and can reach cool water and their spawning grounds sooner. Our FishL Recognition system ensures selective fish passage, capable of culling out non-native species that wreak havoc on the local habitat and increase predation on native species. We've even taken into account the realities of our changing climate with a system that adapts to changing water levels.

Our Cost

 Whooshh cost 80% less than other fish passage options. The system is modular, adaptable, and portable - minimizing costly civil work. We  also use remote monitoring, significantly lowering annual maintenance and operating costs. To eliminate budget barriers, Whooshh offers project financing at many sites for the Whooshh Passage Portal, including installation.

Why? Because the fish and our planet have no time to lose.

Why Us?

For hundreds of years, dams have blocked salmon and other fish from their natural migration and spawning grounds. In the last 100 years, hydropower has become the largest producer of clean renewable energy in the world. Despite decades of attempts, from fish ladders to trapping fish and hauling them in trucks around dams, none of the methods have been selective and good enough for the native fish and all were hard on the wallet. Our transformational  solutions can restore native migratory fish runs and allow dams to remain in place. This breakthrough can save salmon and other species and be the solution for hundreds of federal government dams and thousands of private dams and barriers throughout the world, helping to assure our future fish protein supplies.

Can Dams and Fish Coexist?

With our help, yes. We are committed to being the global solution for migratory fish returning to their natural spawning grounds, while acknowledging the benefits dams have for society, a renewable energy grid, and reduced CO2 for the planet. A 2014 Department of Energy funded study by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory assessed the efficacy of our Burst Buster and  Whooshh™ Migrator versus "trap and haul" with adult Chinook salmon found adult survival, and immune responses and egg survival were comparable to the control group trap and haul. Since then  we have added autonomous real time scanning and sorting of live fish, finally giving fishery managers tools to remove invasive species and re-direct hatchery fish without handling 24 x 7.

Want to hear more? Here is a brief overview.