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how are we different? 

better fish passage solutions means better choices.

water & energy

Our solutions can increase hydropower output and improve fish passage at one million dams worldwide.

We believe clean energy and sustainable fish friendlier water practices can go hand in hand. Where this is already hydropower and fish passage, we can improve fish passage and hydropower production. Where there are dams but no hydropower or fish passage, new hydropower on existing dams means fish passage can be deployed on those dams for the first time.  Why not double hydropower production and provide fish passage without building any new dams, giving us and the fish more time to transition and adapt to the climate driven changes.

Existing dams with fish ladders spill 2% to 14% of the river's water flow down the ladder, just trying to attract the fish into the ladder.  That is hugely wasteful of this precious resource when there is an alternative like the Whooshh Passage Portal which requires no water be spilled for safer, faster, and with climate change increasingly more effective fish passage.

the environment

Our systems pass migrating native fish over dams in seconds, instead of days. 

Higher and lower flows can wreak havoc with traditional fish passage solutions. We've even taken into account the realities of our changing climate with solutions that can adapt to changing water levels. Further, our on-board AI generated Fishl Recognition algorithms enables automated and selective fish passage for the first time, capable of culling out non-native species and tracking and gathering superior real time data on all migrating fish so better, faster fisheries management decisions can be made providing unprecedented control over the fisheries for the first time. 

Stress on migrating fish from inferior fish passage and fish handling solutions reduces returns, fecundity and survival. Faster, safe passage past these barriers reduces the stress on each fish, and allows them to reach their spawning grounds and cool waters before its too late.  Save the fish, feed the planet, and the people on it right now.

the costs

Our solutions cost substantially less than traditional fish passage options, so more environmental enhancements can be made with finite financial resources. 

Our solutions are permanent or seasonal, modular and adaptable, and often portable or floating, often enabling remote monitoring and always lowering operating costs and decreasing regular maintenance. While reliable infrastructure is key, in today's environment adaptable solutions are key to durability and sustainability. To ensure our durable solutions are also accessible and deployed quickly, we offer commercially engineered solutions where costs are down by volume. 

The ROI is so attractive that every CFO and budget manager will immediately understand the benefits. We may be able to offer creative financing options as well. Just ask. The way we look at it, every dam creates an emergency for the native migrating fish, but climate changes are an emergency for all of us, and the costs and risks are too high for all of us if we don't deliver on scalable and optimized clean hydropower today that is also uniquely more affordable.

is the choice really no dams or no fish ? ... or is that politics, another barrier, which demands more effective solutions in today's environment?

"With novel, tested and accepted fish passage solutions now commercially available, a much improved, scalable, 
and timely plan for the clean energy transition has emerged"

                                                                                                                                                            Vincent Bryan III

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