Good for Fish

 Supporting native fish populations is more critical now than ever, and effective and selective fish passage systems are an important part of this fight. There should be a safe & effective  way to passage fish without also moving invasive fish species, which prey and on native fry and alter their habitat. 

 That is why Whooshh has been devoted to developing new technology and  21st century solutions that can perform where other forms of passage have fallen short.  Whooshh systems can move and sort fish regardless of geography, height of obstacle, or even changing water levels.

Lower mortality and injury to fish

Low environmental impact

No passage delay

Good for Workers

Many fish passage systems currently in place necessitate moving fish over obstacles, out of traps, or into trucks by hand. They also can require laborious and time intensive maintenance when ladders fill with silt.  Assuring the fish are not blocked by debris or other material can be hazardous for the professionals working within or near the river. The Whooshh system eliminates the need for handling and below water maintenance, and offers remote real time monitoring, minimizing a danger that has simply been "part of the job" for too long.

Safe for operators

Fast installation & deployment

No handling necessary

Good for Hydro

Whooshh works hard to support carbon-free energy for generations to come, which is why Whooshh systems have been praised by The U.S Department of Energy and The National Hydropower Association for their modular, economical, fish passage innovations. Our standardized and flexible solutions can be easily and quickly modified & optimized for adaptive management purposes, and the initial installation can be installed in days rather than years. We take pride in offering solutions that are affordable, which is why our installation, maintenance, and operating costs are a fraction of  traditional  fish passage options and why we offer specialty financing options.

Low capital cost

Low water consumption

Flexible configuration (height, length)

But Whooshh systems offer more than just passage.

Fish Passage
Scanning & Data
Invasive Species Removal
Fish Passage

Whooshh fish passage systems are evaluated on the survival, passage & migration time, abberant homing, disease transmission, and abnormal behavior of fish, so that they can be designed with optimal efficiency and care.  Energy reserves not depleted with the use of Whooshh passage systems enable native species faster travel times upstream, to cooler water and spawning habitats. 

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Scanning & Data

Our FishL Recognition™ system has a modular entry system, with volitional entry and machine vision scanning. This allows us to gather data on the number of fish coming through, whether the fish came from a hatchery or is wild, which species it belongs to, any damage to the fish present, and the size of the fish (girth, width, & length.) The FishL Recognition™ system also takes data on the date/time of day, flow rate, water temperature, and other environmental indicators present. 

Our systems combine machine learning with high speed imagery, allowing for real time automated decision and data enhancement. 

Welcome to the future. 

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Invasive Species Removal

Combined with our scanning system, Whooshh systems are capable of identifying, segregating, and refusing passage to foreign and invasive species such as Shad, Small Mouth Bass, Wall Eye, Common Carp, and many others. Using automated sorting with sorting gates, our systems were designed to reduce the harm that invasive species are causing in natural habitats around the world. 

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Check out our live fish counter, logging current fish counts at Bonneville AFF.