Our Story

 Whooshh Innovations has its roots in Washington state agriculture.  In 2011, while field-testing  its fruit harvester to mechanically harvest and sort tree fruit, Whooshh CEO Vincent Bryan III observed helicopters flying overhead with large buckets.  They were moving migratory salmon over a dam. Later, returning to a citrus grove in California that was alive with 50 years old trees the year before, was now completely dead. It was explained that the irrigation water that fed the orchard had been diverted to save the salmon.

The wonders of the salmon returning through fish ladders that we learned about in grade school was now in conflict with agriculture, our own sense of the changing environment, and our passion for fish and fishing. 

 Thinking there had to be a better way to share the water resources, Whooshh began testing their fruit transport tubes on fish.  It worked—  and it was the “a-ha” moment that caused the Company to pivot from fruit to fish. Whooshh first tested its technology on live fish in 2011, and the technology has undergone numerous independent and peer reviewed studies. 

Since 2013, Whooshh has focused all its energy and resources on developing game changing fish  transport solutions that are economical for its users and for the shared water resources. Today Whooshh solutions are used to transport fish: in processing plants where hygiene is critical and water is expensive; in commercial aquacultures where fish welfare is paramount; and  for fish passage past dams,  including where many fish are invasive  and/or listed as threatened or endangered.  Whooshh systems are deployed in the United States and Europe.