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Whooshh Passage Portal

A Floating  Selective Fish Passage System

IncludesFishway,  FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, GateKeeper, Burst Buster, Whooshh Migrator

Option: Floating Platform  used for entry and/or exit

Works with: Dams of every height

FishL™ Guardian

Automated Invasive Species Remover

Includes: Fishway,  FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, GateKeeper, Burst Buster

Option: Whooshh Migrator, Floating Platform  for entry

Works with: Net or electronic guidance, not included.

FishL™ Selector

Auto Sort Without Transport 

Includes: Fishway,  FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, GateKeeper

Option: Burst Buster, Whooshh Migrator

Works with: Existing fish ladder or fish handling facility

FishL™ GateKeeper

Presorter - Scan and Sort

Includes: FishL Recognition, GateKeeper 

Option: Burst Buster, Whooshh Migrator

Works with: Existing fish ladder or fish handling facility

FishL™ Catch

Selective Catch - Commercial Fishing

Includes: Fishway,  FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, GateKeeper, Burst Buster, Whooshh Migrator, Floating Platform     

Works with: Pound Net - not included

FishL™ Study Buddy

   A Fish Biologists Robot/Assistant

Includes: FishFaucet, FishL Recognition, GateKeeper 

Option: Burst Buster, Whooshh Migrator                          

Works with: Adult fish handling facilities

Original "Salmon Canon"

Fish Handling, Fish  Transfer, Carp Removal, Fish Rescue, Fish Celebrations/Festivals, Training Demo

Includes: Burst Buster, Whooshh Migrator

Option: Trailer

Works with: Most fish  species and cannon sponge balls

Mobile Trap & Haul Transfer System

Mobile Trap & Haul Transfer System

Includes: Trailer, Burst Buster, Whooshh Migrator, Generator Trailer

Option: Trailer

Works with: Trap and Truck, not included


Fish Handling Transfer System

Includes: Burst Buster, Whooshh Migrator, Cart

Option: Stands for Whooshh Migrator  

Works with: Trap and Truck, not included

Fish Whisperer

We position the  FishL Passage Portal in the portion of the river that is already attracting the fish naturally, as a result of the natural flow.  The fish are then induced into the entry by a supplemental flow  from our  fishway, using ~ 10 CFS of water already in the tailrace and additional current inducers where required.

Steeppass  (shown) or other  commercial entry

Designed in 10' (3.3 meter) sections that can be bolted together to extend the length, our steep pass system can be used for entry into the Whooshh Passage Portal or as a standalone for attracting fish into fish handling facilities. It also can be used through conduits/culverts and over barriers 10' high or less.
Fish Cradle

Floating  Small Fish Trap

A floating small fish collection system with its own attraction flow produced on-board. The Fish Cradle is used in collecting small fish species for studies, where the numbers of fish are unknown, or more data is needed to better determine the best location for a  permanent passage system.


Lamprey Passage

A free standing adult lamprey passage system.  Designed to make installation a snap, easy for the lamprey to climb and maintain, while accommodating  a range of forebay levels.


Floating Elver Collection

Our design is based on eel behavior and perfected in Sweden. The Elverator not only protects elver from predators,  independent studies have confirmed this unique floating system safely collects up to 300% more elver, including larger elver,  than traditional elver ramps. 

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Fish Faucet

Our false weir has been perfected to assure the fish enter one after another while minimizing fall back and using less water. It is a  virtual fish faucet . 

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Swim-in Accelerator

Our BurstBuster accelerator is used to help live fish glide through our FishMigrator tubes and used in volitional fish passage applications such as the Passage Portal.  There is no vacuum used  with this accelerator, and all gates are opened and closed automatically using  laser sensors to assure fish safety.


Conveyor fed Accelerator

Our FiletFlyer accelerator is used to transport mort fish in seafood and aquaculture processing plants. It is designed  for high volume, and speed with fish sizes pre-sorted, for example moving whole fish from a conveyor belt to a filet line in another building or some distance away.


Hand fed Accelerator

Our BroodMaker accelerator is used to help live fish glide through our FishMigrator tubes and used in hand loaded applications such as when collecting or sorting brood stock.  There is a vacuum used  with this accelerator and all gates are opened and closed by the fish touching a pressure balanced door to assure  easy loading and fish safety.



Our proprietary Fish Migrator tubes benefit from a continuous extrusion  manufacturing process to avoid seams and joints that are hard on the fish . The  FishMigrator tubes are soft, flexible, and slippery. Long tubes include injectors for misting every two meters to assure fish glide in a near friction-less environment  to transport all fish forward or backward, up, down, over and around objects inside or outside.  The FishMigrator come in many sizes: T-105, T-123,  T-147, T-168, T-195 to accommodate most migrating adult fish species.

FishL™ Recognition System

Fish Scanning (machine vision) System

Our FishL Recognition system produces extraordinary images of the scanned fish. Powered by Ellips, 18 high definition images are taken of every fish from three different directions. The best images are identified within a fraction of a second, and then further analyzed to collect data; such as count, length, girth, species, fin clips, etc. to enable autonomous sorting all within  0.5 seconds. 

FishL™ Stats

Collected Fish Data 

Real time data collected and organized for easy analysis, reporting, and compliance. As more and more FishL Recognition systems are deployed throughout the world, our database of species  information continues to grow,  providing global insights needed to target recovery actions.

Whooshh Studios

Crystal Clear Images    

A new way to look at fish. Images that are so clear and unique that  they almost seem unreal. Fish imaged out of the water but not constrained by hands, nets or turbid waters,  lends itself to new insights, such as  type of injury, disease, fungus, condition and for some species  even their sex.


Pneumatic Sorting System

Our Gatekeeper is an ideal solution for sorting live fish, whether used with the Whooshh Passage Portal or when specified for replacement or use in a traditional engineered  fish handling facility.  Designed to add gates as needed, you may have as few as two and as many as eight sorting gates on a single system.

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