the science.

    So you don't have to worry about whether our solutions have undergone rigorous peer reviewed studies, below is a collection of all the known independent studies published using our product over the years.  Each of our solutions were informed by the fisheries science and the climate change forecasts, as we tested and developed our solutions over the past 10 years. As a bonus, we have also included some other significant studies that have guided us and will guide you too.

Study Summaries
American Shad
Other Fisheries Study Support
Study Summaries

Whooshh Studies 



Voluntary Entry Study (2015)

What is the feasibility of having salmon voluntarily enter the Whooshh system without the assistance of human handling?

Physiological Stress Study (2014)

Do fall Chinook salmon traveling through a 40' or a 250' Whooshh fish transport system incur additional physiological stress compared to the trap and haul transport or control-net transport fish?

Epithelial Injury Study (2014)

Do fall Chinook salmon traveling through a 40' or a 250' Whooshh fish transport system incur epithelial injury?

Gamete Survival Study (2014)

Is gamete survival of fall Chinook salmon affected by adult transport through a 40' or a 250' Whooshh fish transport system prior to spawning relative to trap and haul transported and control-net handled fish?

 Eyed Egg Viability Study (2014)

Is the percentage of viable eggs collected and fertilized from a group of Chinook transported by the Whooshh system equivalent to the percentage of viable eggs collected and fertilized from a group of hand-carried Chinook?

Broodstock Survival Study (2014)

Is the survival rate of hand carried Chinook broodstock comparable to the survival rate of Whooshh transported Chinook broodstock at Roza dam on the Yakima River?

Reproductive Readiness Study (2014)

Is reproductive readiness of adult fall Chinook salmon affected by transport travel through a 40' or a 250' Whooshh fish transport system as compared to transport travel via a trap and haul or control-net handled?

Survival Study (2014)

Does transport method affect adult salmon survival: comparative study evaluating fall Chinook salmon traveling through a 40' or 250' Whooshh Fish Transport System, trap and haul transport and control fish?

Year Two Spring Chinook Adult Passage Viability Study (2015)

Are the spring Chinook adult survival, productive spawning and egg viability data of Whooshh transported verses hand and haul transport reproducible?

Whooshh Passage (2016)

Is it feasible to safely, efficiently and effectively transport salmon 1,100 ft distance with a 100 ft elevation via the Whooshh Fish Transport System?

Post WFTS Transport: Adult Survival and Egg Rates Reproducible Across 3 Years (2016)

Comparing hand carriage vs 40 ft Whooshh transport followed by hatchery truck haul are the adult survival and egg viability rates comparatively reproducible? An evaluation of three-years worth of data.

3 Year Study Comparison including 1 Year High Head Dam Transport Simulation (2016)

Does fish transport through either a 40' or an 1100' long and nearly 100' high Whooshh Fish Transport System significantly affect adult survival, reproduction or egg viability outcomes?

Evaluation of Volitional Entry, Sorting and Passage of Adult Pacific Salmonids Through a Novel Fish Passage Technology (2017)

The sorting by species and passage efficiency of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytschaand steelhead (O. mykiss) through the WESS-WFTS was assessed.

Atlantic Salmon

Transport Viability Study (2015)

Do live adult Atlantic salmon safely travel through the Whooshh system when oriented to enter either head first or trail first?

Aquaculture Fish Welfare Study (2016)

Does the Whooshh Fish Transport System (WFTS)  provide for better fish welfare (less stress on the fish) as compared to aqua pumps or hand carriage handling?

Pink Salmon

Volitional Entry Study (2015)

Can Whooshh demonstrate volitional entry and effective transport of pink salmon through the Whooshh fish transport system?


Migration Study (2016)

Does transport of Sockeye through the Whooshh fish transport system measurably affect their upstream migration?

Evaluation of Sockeye Salmon After Passage Through an Innovative Upstream Fish-Passage System at a High Head Dam (2017)

Can a Whooshh system safely transport sockeye salmon over a 180' x 1700' high head dam in less than a minute?


WDFW Hatchery Steelhead Transport Demonstration Study (2014)

Is it possible to safely transport hatchery steelhead 250 ft through the Whooshh fish transport system?

Physiological Response Study (2011)

How do the physiological responses compare between groups of hatchery adult rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) after traveling through an early prototype of the Whooshh Fish Transport System (WFTS) or by trap and haul transport?


Evaluation of a Novel Floating Elver Trap (2017)

How does a floating elver trap compare to a stationary elver trap?

Test of a New Elver Collector at Lilla Edets Power Station (2018)

How well does the new floating collector compare to conventional elver pipe traps at Lilla Edet?

Innovative Floating Elver Trap (2018)

What design features are incorporated into the Elverator, floating elver trap, and how well does it perform? 

Whooshh EF-16, Enhancing Upstream Passage Solutions for Eels (2019)

How do three different elver climbing substrates compare?


Sturgeon Transit Study (2015)

Will Lake Sturgeon safely transport through the Whooshh fish transport system?

American Shad

American Shad: Transport Feasibility Study (2017)

Is it feasible to transport American shad via a Whooshh fish transport system? What is the associated passage survival and impact on the epithelium associated with Whooshh passage?

Other Fisheries Study Support

G Force Study (2015)

Will fish experience any extraordinary, potentially harmful, G forces when traveling through the Whooshh fish transport system?

Benefits to Hydropower Generators  (2018)

Water savings and extra power generation resulting from Whooshh Passage Portal over traditional fish ladders.

Whooshh Study Guide

Brief description of numerous studies completed over the last decade guiding product development

Whooshh Studies By Topic Area

Brief description of study outcome with reference to the relevant study/report with links to supporting video

Whooshh Study Summary Compliation

A narrative summary of studies published through 2017 on the core technologies.