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Our FishL™ Recognition system collects high definition images,  accurate data, and has real time decision making capabilities. 

We generate accurate data on every fish to make sure the resource management decisions are the best they can be. 

Bonneville Dam Reports
Bonneville Dam Reports
August 2019
In-Season Sockeye Report 
July - August 2019
​In-Season Steelhead Report Task 3 Update 3
June 2019
​In-season Report for the end of the Skamania Steelhead Management Period
Nov 2019
 In-Season Chinook and Coho Report FishL™ Recognition 
August 2019
In-Season Steelhead Report Task 3 Update 4
April - July 2019
​In-Season Steelhead Report Task 3 Update 2

PP Presentation
FishL™ Recognition Highlights 2019


April 25 - Oct 18, 2019
End of Season Steelhead Report 

​Final Update 5

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