Whooshh Consults

Innovative fish passage solutions is what we do. We have been uniquely focused on novel fish passage solutions for ten years now, and in the process we have become the experts in delivering fish safely, timely, efficiently and effectively past dams and barriers. Our approach means less spilled water and endless studies, saving time and money for our clients from day one. Bring us in early or late, but we'll tell you a secret - earlier might just save you millions. Request a Feasibility Report.

Whooshh Product Financing

Our goal is to accelerate fish passage deployments all around the world. You don't have to wait for big capital budgets to get started. We may be able to help. Long term project financing, financed by Power Purchase Agreements & Water Purchase Agreements, or through corporate sponsors, means you can take the initiative on fish passage today, with a contract that assures long term success of the project and your operations. In short, with Federal incentives and private financing, its no longer an excuse not to move forward with your fish passage projects today. Contact us with the product solution you are interested in financing, and we will help you find the best financing solution for your project. Request Project Financing.

Whooshh Licensing

Whooshh has been granted 50 patents throughout the world to date.  When you enter into an agreement with Whooshh to buy, subscribe or lease a Whooshh product, you will receive a license to use the product per our stated terms and conditions. We take our IP seriously and trust you do a well.  If you are interested in obtaining a license to our IP,  please get in touch. There are many uses for our IP outside fish.  We will be happy to discuss your needs with you, and will work quickly to offer commercially reasonable terms and fees whenever possible. Request a License.

Whooshh Academy

The Whooshh academy is designed to make you an expert on Whooshh solutions. As more and more systems and solutions are deployed in the field, demand for knowledgeable users, operators, and technicians increase. Sign-Up for the Whooshh academy and we will add you to the mailing list and notify you in advance of the next scheduled class session.