Fish Processing
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Fish Processing

what is fish processing?

Fish processing is the series of events within the seafood industry between the starting point of a fish being caught or harvested and the end point where it makes its way to the consumer. This is a delicate process because fish are delicate creatures, and efficiency, care, and hygienics are essential throughout.

Fish have become an important source of sustainably sourced protein world-wide, with demand for seafood growing every year. Livestock and beef production often produce up to twenty times more greenhouse gas emissions than RAS farmed salmon and other types of seafood. For us here at Whooshh, it is important that we support lowering global carbon emissions, while still providing the world with the food sources it depends on. Fish processing is an important piece of this movement.

what do we do?

Our goal is to keep the water full of healthy, happy, fish - meaning native fish are allowed to thrive as a crucial part of the ecosystem and as an important nutrition source for both animals and humans alike. 

Our systems require less water and labor than current transport systems used in processing plants, and offer a more efficient, hygienic, and space saving way to move fish to, from, or around processing plants. Our systems are customized and flexible, so no matter how unique the shape of the plant, we'll know how to fit.

Our Impact

what is our impact?

Our systems are able save water and reduce the need for labor, while supporting food production that facilitates lower carbon emissions.

We save water by designing tubes that only require a gentle misting in order to safely and carefully transport fish from between tanks. This is important in the effort to create a more sustainable and green industry, leaving the unused water for other purposes. Our systems are designed to create a more innovative, flexible, and modern way of transporting and transferring fish, while allowing labor to be used more efficiently.

The Evidence

or, just our fish processing systems.