​August 14, 2020

For First Time, Whooshh Innovations Passes Adult Eel Through FishL Recognition Scanner.  System In Place At Sweden's Herting Hydropower Dam To Monitor Out-Migration And Providing New Data 

April 2021 Update: We are up and running for the 2021 season at Herting Hydropower Dam. Our primary focus is imaging Atlantic salmon and Sea Trout.   

Whooshh Innovations has installed the FishL™ Recognition System into the downstream fish bypass chute at the Falkenberg Energy Herting hydropower dam, located on the Ätran river in Falkenberg, Halland in southern Sweden.

The downstream bypass chute was modified to direct out-migrating fish through a dewatering chute to reduce the water volume prior to the fish sliding through the FishL™ Recognition System and down to the river below the dam.

When a fish enters the system, a sensor is triggered which activates six cameras positioned at three fixed angles to simultaneously take three exposures in quick succession as the fish slide through the system in less than 0.5 seconds. 

All 18 high-definition images are digitally captured as permanent records associated with the date and time of fish imaging.

In addition, the images are processed in real time to computational calculate this fish size (length and girth) and speed through the system.  The system will be in operation ~1 month this fall collecting Adult Eel images and size data and ~1.5 months this coming spring to monitor the Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout out-migration populations at Herting.

This is the first opportunity to utilize the FishL™ Recognition System for downstream monitoring and the first European installation of this safe, autonomous, volitional, monitoring system. With the European fish passage initiatives coming in to play, the need for accurate, accountable monitoring of upstream and downstream fish passage is upon us.

If you are interested in seeing the scanner in operation, or have a potential site in mind for a scanner, please contact: 

Peter Hed

Vattenkraft Bolaget, Representative for Whooshh Innovations

Mobil:  070-366 8387

E: peter@vattenkraftbolaget.com

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