Two Awards for Combatting Invasive Pink Salmon in Norway

We are thrilled to announce that Whooshh Innovations Inc. has been honored with not just one, but two grants from the County Board of Troms and Finnmark and the Norwegian Environment Agency. Out of seven concepts submitted to address the pressing issue of invasive pink salmon in Norwegian rivers, we have secured two of the five winning concepts selected to continue to the next round for detail design evaluation.

The focus of our two proposals lies in the design, development and implementation of our cutting-edge AI fish sorting technologies, combined with our fish passage expertise, aimed at effectively selecting for removal invasive Pink salmon populations while allowing native fish species to pass without any handling or delay, including the prized wild Atlantic salmon. By seamlessly integrating our Fishl Recognition™ and sorting technologies, we aim to change and scale up the way invasive pink salmon are identified, trapped, and removed for harvest in Norwegian rivers where they are rapidly spreading. To learn more about the Pink salmon invasion in Norway, see this video:

As we move forward, independent experts will be rigorously evaluating detailed designs from the five selected concepts. in the next month, they will narrow down the contenders from five to three, awarding NOK 2,500,000 to each of the three winning designs, and paving the way for a final round of just two, and an award of another NOK 2,000,000. The final two will deliver and demonstrate their in-river solutions in 2025 when the Pink salmon will return in numbers once again in the next odd numbered year. The ultimate prize is expected to be a procurement request for deployment throughout the country. We are confident in our ability to deliver two exceptional sorting solutions for large and small rivers, that not only meet but exceed the requirements set forth by the Board.

This opportunity not only underscores the versatility and adaptability of our existing products, but also highlights our innovations and expertise gained over the last decade, beginning from the time we first encountered a native Pink salmon population explosion in the White River in Washington state in 2013. Since working with the Puyallup tribe and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers back then, to working with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife hatchery division last year to image and classify local Pink salmon on our latest version of our Fishl Recognition platform, and everyone who has played a role in developing our innovations in between, including our partners on these two project deliverables, it seems fitting that the company that originally developed the Salmon Cannon™ technology for aquaculture and broodstock operations in Norway, and later pioneered “selective” fish passage with its Passage Portal™ and invasive removal with its Guardian™ systems in the United States, can return to Norway post pandemic and put its innovations back to work in the rivers of Norway for the Pink salmon invasion. The entire effort aligns perfectly with our mission to SAVE the native fish, FEED the planet, GROW clean energy, and HEAL the environment.”

Throughout this journey, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and making a meaningful effect on the conservation and restoration of the planet’s ecosystems while we all adapt and mitigate the impact of climate changes. We are fortunate to be working with talented and experienced partners on both sides of the Atlantic. Together, let us continue to pave the way for a sustainable future.

If you would like to support us and share our vision of bringing innovative technology to our planets river ecosystems, you can invest directly online in Whooshh Innovations for less time and dollars than you might imagine under our current Reg CF offering.

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