April 4, 2023

Whooshh Innovations Inc. and Hinchinbrook Inc. Announce FIN Agreement to Support and Develop AI Driven Fish Monitoring Services

SEATTLE, Wash. and WENATCHEE, Wash., April 4, 2023 - Whooshh Innovations Inc. (Whooshh), a leading provider of fish passage and automated fish sorting systems for migrating fish species, and Hinchinbrook Inc. (Hinchinbrook), a technology innovator in the fish tagging and monitoring industry, today announced that they have entered into a Fish Innovation Network (FIN) agreement to support, optimize and promote each company's products and services. 

Under the terms of the FIN agreement, Whooshh and Hinchinbrook will collaborate on the optimization of fish tagging and fish recognition technologies to improve the efficiency, efficacy, and accuracy of fish monitoring and management throughout North America. 

Whooshh fish passage and sorting systems using 4k color and infrared cameras and AI driven “Fishl™  (pronounced “fishal”) Recognition” algorithms, provide unparalleled resolution and accuracy in fish identification. Hinchinbrook is an expert in fish monitoring using highly durable customizable conventional external tags. Optimal type, placement, color, and size of the tags, including the individualized numbering on them, will be tested, and optimized for use with the Whooshh FishlRecognition system. 

"We are excited to partner with Hinchinbrook to leverage our collective strengths and develop cutting-edge fish monitoring and management technologies," said Vincent Bryan III, CEO of Whooshh Innovations. "The FIN partnership aligns with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to support sustainable fisheries, improved quality with more comprehensive data, and real time monitoring capabilities for the nations fisheries managers." 

Keith Van den Broek, CEO of Hinchinbrook, added, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Whooshh and integrate our use of Hallprint tags, “the world’s best fish tags”, with the Whooshh FishlRecognition system. Together, we can deliver an end-to-end fish monitoring and management solution that is unparalleled in the industry." 

The FIN agreement between Whooshh Innovations Inc. and Hinchinbrook Inc. signals a new era of innovation in fish monitoring and management. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way we monitor and manage fish populations in our nation’s river systems 24 x 7 x 365, allowing fisheries managers to stay one step ahead of accelerated environmental and climate driven changes. 

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