Feb 9, 2022

Whooshh Innovations Inc. and ETI Announce Strategic Alliance Through FIN Network

SEATTLE, Wash. – This week the Fish Innovation Network (FIN) grew as Whooshh Innovations Inc. and Environmental Technologies Inc. (ETI) entered into an agreement designed to strengthen the reach and impact of both companies’ respective fish handling technology.

The alliance will enable faster innovation and reach in the aquaculture and commercial fishing spaces, with products that offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.  

The Fish Innovation Network (FIN) program is a strategic partnering program started by Whooshh Innovations. Through FIN, a cross-section of innovative companies and solutions in combination with hydro operators, NGO’s, tribal entities, academia, and other like-minded organizations will advance and accelerate the deployment and adoption of modern, best-in-class technologies and product applications. FIN is built on a foundation of sound and practical fisheries science and economics and united around the mission of saving the fish, feeding the planet, and growing clean energy.  

“We are excited that ETI is joining FIN. The timing is perfect as well,” says Whooshh CEO Vincent Bryan III “ETI has been deploying its fish handling solutions for aquaculture and fisheries for years and has the experience and understanding of both fish welfare and industry needs to help the industry transition to innovative yet proven solutions.” 

 ETI President Victor H. Delucchi said “I have been dreaming for years about how we can use the Whooshh technologies along with our own Silkstream product to move fish.  Technologies like these that complement each other can be used to further mitigate high production costs due to excessive water use and its further treatment. We can’t wait to bring these new applications to market.” 

 ETI is a world leader in state-of-the-art fish transfer and aquaculture feeding systems, supplying aquaculture and commercial fishing industries both locally and globally. They aim to facilitate a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient fishing and aquaculture industry. 

 Whooshh Innovations Inc. delivers its fish passage and fish handling solutions to customers worldwide from its headquarters in Seattle, WA. Their systems are modular, adaptable, portable, gentle, and designed to be installed with less environmental impact and at up to 80% less cost than traditional fish passage designs.