July 6, 2023

Whooshh Innovations Inc. and WWS Wasserkraft GmgH Join Forces to Deliver a Proven Upstream/Downstream Fish Passage Solution 


Seattle, WA, USA – July 6, 2023 - Whooshh Innovations Inc. (Whooshh), a leading developer of innovative fish passage solutions, and WWS Wasserkraft GmbH (WK), an Austrian Corporation specializing in manufacturing and delivering hydroelectric power solutions, are pleased to announce a strategic Cooperation Agreement to address fish passage challenges in North America at most low head dams.

Under the agreement, Whooshh® and WWS Wasserkraft will leverage their respective strengths to promote and deploy the FishCon fish pass system developed by Bernhard Mayrhofer, an inventor and the owner of FishCon GmbH. The FishCon fish pass or “FishLock”, is a patented upstream and downstream fish passage solution, suitable for fish passage at most dams with a head up to approximately 20 feet or six meters in height.  

As part of the agreement, Whooshh has obtained exclusive rights to sell the FishLock™ system in the United States. WWS Wasserkraft will manufacture and deliver the components. This collaboration will enable Whooshh and WWS Wasserkraft to effectively address mutual business and regulatory interests related to fish passage solutions in North America and beyond. 

"We are excited to offer the FishLock to our low head dam customers," said Vincent Bryan III, CEO at Whooshh Innovations. "The FishLock is an elegant, efficient and environmentally friendly fish passage solution designed to ensure connectivity and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems without dam removal. It is a perfect complement to our other fish passage offerings, as well as our mission to SAVE the fish, FEED the planet, GROW clean energy, and HEAL the environment.”  

Both companies believe that demand will be high, particularly on the North American eastern seaboard which has hundreds of low head dams that are coming up for re-licensing on rivers with migrating and schooling fish such as shad, river herring, and eel. 

"We have been successfully manufacturing the FishCon lock system for installation in Europe and we are committed to ensuring the success of this partnership with Whooshh Innovations in North America" said Markus Peherstorfer, technical sales manager at WWS Wasserkraft. "Together, we will unlock new opportunities for our customers and provide sustainable fish passage solutions that meet the unique requirements of safe, timely and effective upstream and downstream fish passage." 

The Agreement represents a significant step forward in the field of fish passage solutions at low head dams. Whooshh Innovations Inc. and WWS Wasserkraft GmbH invite interested parties to stay updated via their respective social media channels on the progress of this collaboration and witness the positive impact it will have in a changing environment. 

About Whooshh Innovations Inc. Whooshh Innovations Inc. is a Delaware-based corporation headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA. The company is a recognized leader in the development and commercialization of innovative fish passage solutions. With a commitment to environmental preservation, Whooshh aims to accelerate the options available to enable fish to migrate past obstacles of any height regardless of the impacts of climate changes on the river flow.  

About WWS Wasserkraft GmbH WWS  Wasserkraft GmbH is an Austrian Corporation with headquarters in Neufleden, Austria. The company specializes in hydroelectric power solutions, including the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality systems. 

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