All Whooshh products are designed to support our climate resiliency mission. Therefore, each product undergoes rigorous testing and independent studies before we make them commercially available. Many of our products solutions are also modular, so a product can stand on its own or be packaged with other components to meet the site requirements and optimize the solution for local conditions or requirements.  With climate change presenting new challenges daily, speed, flexibility and adaptability are paramount. While all systems are built for the rigors of the elements when permanently installed, many of our products can be deployed seasonally or only used when needed.

Passage Portal™

Fish Passage at any high or medium head dam.

Safe, Automated, Volitional, Economical

Fishl Recognition™

Fish Monitoring, Selective Fish Passage, Data Collection

Designed for 24 x 7 regardless of water turbidity. Automated: Count, Size, Species, Wild/Hatchery


Fish Handling, Trap & Haul, Weirs & Traps, Harvest Transport

Safe, Mobile, 


Elver Passage, Elver Handling

Volitional entry, up to 5 x more effective attracting elver than traditional ramps, predator protection. Proprietary EF 16 Substrate


Invasive Species Removal/Control

Volitional entry, target invasive species are removed, native fish returned to the river in seconds. 

Rescue Router™

Fish Rescue, Fish Handling

Portable, Gentle, Hand Load


Elver Passage, Elver Handling

Effective, Stackable, Predator Protection,

Proprietary EF-16 Substrate


Fish Handling, Fish Transfer

Compact, Mobile, Gentle, Flexible, Transport with less stress and risk to yourself and the fish

HarvestSelect ™

Selective Catch

Low Impact, Reduce By-Catch, Data Collection

Filet Flyer™

Fish Processing

Stainless Steel, Efficient, Gentle, Hygenic - closed system (Inside-Outside-Inside). Sized for Atlantic salmon production.

Salmon Cannon™ (Large)

Fish Handling, Fish Transfer

Aluminum, Portable, Sized for larger fish such as Chinook, Coho, Carp

Salmon Cannon™ (Original)

Fish Handling, Fish Transfer

Aluminum, portable, sized for Sockeye, Pinks, Trout, Shad, etc

There is plenty more Coming to our website soon.  Ask us about Fish Guidance, or the bi-directional Fishcon Fish Lock for upstream and downstream passage at low head dams, or our newest product that we will be testing this year for Lamprey.  Check back often, we will be adding products soon. If you work with fish, chances are we have a solution that will be of interest to you.