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For decades, fish ladders and other traditional means of assisting fish cross dams have been problematic, expensive, and even harmful. Whooshh(R) Innovations has revolutionized fish passage with its novel Passage PortalTM, FishL RecognitionTM, and Salmo...

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Whooshh Innovation And Our Win-Win Solution

How Dams Impact Climate Change

Addressing climate change requires a comprehensive and global effort that involves multiple solutions, including the use of dams for hydroelectric power generation. The issue of fish passage at dams is often overlooked in the context of climate change and how it affects...

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We’ve got solutions for some dam big problems

With the advancement of technology, we are transforming the way we live, work, and interact with one another and the environment. Last century's advances have interfered with Mother Nature's natural course and the circle of life. Dam construction provides...

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Hoopa Thursday Thanks

I’m updating you from Maryland today where I have come for some customer and partner meetings.  Before leaving Seattle, I stopped in the shop to check on the status of the Tuber™ system our team was preparing to ship on its trailer for the trip down to California and a destination with the Hoop...

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Dams are divisive. They not only divide a waterway, the divide the opinions of most people. There are completely valid arguments on both sides of the debate. Dams are good, they prevent flooding, store irrigation and drinking water, and a small percentage of the da...

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Is it hot enough yet for you to take action?

The West has been cooking in June. Even Seattle, which was avoiding the heat wave, is now expected to reach nearly 100 degrees for several record breaking days in a row beginning this weekend. Drought in California has reduced water levels in the reservoirs to record lows, and rationing wa...

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Sea Lions Feast on Salmon

The Seattle Times Editorial Board had it right with their May 25, 2018 piece entitled, Congress must act – again – to save salmon from hungry sea lions, so that these returning mature salmon are not prevented from completing the circle of life’s last stage. However, to address the r...

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Unsustainable Salmon Populations Issues
Frequently, in the Pacific Northwest, there are media reports regarding the continued decline in the numbers of local salmon species. As an engineering company that pursues scientific validation of our processes and products, we can’t help but ask questions and look to what can be done to achie...
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Turbo-Charging the Energy Grid

Several years ago, the Dept. of Energy issued a report looking at the energy potential of the many non-powered dams in the US. With hydropower being a non-carbon emitting source of clean energy, it only makes sense to look at what we already have and improve upon it. 

Many compani...

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