Whooshh: Boosts Technology (And Fish) to Save The Planet From Climate Change  

01/20/23 04:18 PM Comment(s) By webmaster

We’ve got solutions for some dam big problems

With the advancement of technology, we are transforming the way we live, work, and interact with one another and the environment. Last century's advances have interfered with Mother Nature's natural course and the circle of life. Dam construction provides flood protection, energy supply, and water security, but it also proved a significant threat to many fish species, interfering with their reproduction by preventing them from moving between feeding and spawning grounds. As a result, the entire ecosystem is disrupted, from the nutrients in the water to the plants and mammals on the riverbanks.

There are more than 84,000 dams located on rivers and streams nationwide, and less than 3% allow fish to migrate up and down. Research has shown that fish have a treacherous journey over the dam that often takes several days, leaving the survivors bruised, battered, and too stressed and weak to continue their journey upstream. Whooshh is pumping out solutions 

A regular day of testing fruit harvesting models for Vincent Bryan in 2011 has been transformed into state-of-the-art technology for safe fish passage. The fish passage technology allows fish to swim into the entry, automatically size and sort fish species, followed by a gentle glide in a soft misted transport tube that gives them a quick boost over the dam. The system elevates the relative pressure behind the fish and keeps them moving up to 22 miles per hour until they are slowed down prior to gently exiting out the other end and above the dam. 

Numerous studies have found the Whooshh fish passage systems to be more energy-efficient, fish-friendly, and more economical than fish ladders or trap and haul systems. The Whooshh system has emerged as the only modular fish passage system available that does not require large amounts of water, labor, or capital.

Scaling your investments for our planet’s restoration

Join Whooshh on StartEngine as we change the public policy narrative and make the products for needed infrastructure changes.  The choice need not be dams and no fish or fish and no dams. That is a false narrative today because of Whooshh. We have the technology solution. The importance of hydropower on the energy grid cannot be underestimated. We must transition to a clean energy grid from a carbon-dependent economy faster than is happening today to meet climate change goals and restore our fish runs before they are extirpated from our rivers.  Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing global warming, and promoting access to more fish habitat is the Whooshh way. 


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