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Giving Tuesday

We hope this message finds you well and filled with the spirit of generosity that Giving Tuesday embodies. 

As we celebrate Giving Tuesday, consider the profound impact an investment in the environment and clean renewable energy can have on the world. By supporting innovation that prioritizes sustainability, efficiency, and connectivity in our watersheds, you are contributing to a more promising future for generations to come and helping our planet heal faster.  

Our vision extends beyond borders. By joining in the effort to save endangered fish species, putting nature’s nutrients back into our rivers and re-establishing the natural food web, while also increasing clean energy production to cool the planet that restores habitat, you're supporting a mission with a global perspective, aiming to make a positive impact on a worldwide scale. We encapsulate this mission in four, four letter words: SAVE-FEED-GROW-HEAL™. 

International partnerships and collaborations with non-profits, NGO’s and indigenous people, opens up new avenues for accelerated change and influence. Whether you choose to invest in Whooshh Innovations or provide charitable support through a local organization whose projects align, we cannot think of a more worthy mission when the planet is so stressed by climate change, and innovative solutions that can be deployed at scale today are limited. On Giving Tuesday, let us all give support to the planet, restore the native fish that sustain it, and support all species and people who rely on them for sustenance.   

For those who choose to invest through Whooshh this month, we are offering a generous bonus perk program. Time is limited. We all need to act today, even if that just means forwarding a message like this one to family, friends, colleagues or your favorite charity who are overcoming otherwise insurmountable barriers.  For those who choose to support our mission, you can also learn more at https://whooshh.investments, including how we first made a splash around the world with our Salmon Cannon™ technology. Let’s keep the ripple from that splash going.   

Together, let's show the way for a divided world, a world where innovation and environmental healing go hand in hand.  Thank you for your support and spreading this message.  


The Whooshh Team  



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