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April 28, 2024


We are in our last two (2) days of our Reg CF stock offering which ends this month. You’ve probably seen some of our social media mentioning the generous Bonus shares we are making available to investors in this round. You’ve heard us talk about our mission which drives our actions to SAVE the fish, FEED the planet, GROW clean energy, and HEAL the environment. You probably first heard about us from the often cited, decade old, yet hilarious five-minute comedy segment by John Oliver in which numerous TV personalities participated. You’ve repeatedly seen our deployments go viral on the internet. Some of you have even participated in the dozens of studies over the years in the course of development and proving the efficacy of our components and fish passage product solutions.

We have had employees come and go, and many successes and learnings all along the way, however, at Whooshh we never stand still. When there was a gigantic rock slide in BC Canada at the start of the pandemic, and everyone else was ordered to stay home, it was our team at Whooshh who were called upon to spring into emergency action, to lease and install a PassagePortal to help save one of the world’s great salmon runs on the Fraser River. Learn more by watching an award-winning short film Safe Passage.

Over the years as we saw climate changes impact the fish in our rivers and heard the stories from Tribes and First Nations, and the cries from NGO’s grow louder, we listened, but then singularly focused on better scalable solutions, so we all have better choices, rather than a binary option of no fish or no dams. We can’t fix the too warm water in our oceans and the impact on our Chinook salmon and other species, if we take down all the dams today when there is not yet adequate clean energy and water reserves to replace them.

Understanding that hydropower is a critical and proven source of clean power and a necessary transitional clean energy source as we all move away from fossil fuels is complementary to rather than contradictory to helping fish recover, by cooling down our oceans faster. We can, however, also ensure safer and faster upstream and downstream passage at all dams for native fish species today, including by accounting for predators both in the waters and those flying above, that have flourished because of climate change, permissive policies, old licenses and fishways that have not been responsive to the changed and urgent needs.

We have not been afraid to be different, and in the midst of all the confused politics, misinformed or not fully informed voices, to stand up and say there is a better fish “way”. While we read many studies to gain insights, we are tired of reading at the end of nearly every study, that “more study is needed”, which too often is used to justify further delay and possibly another grant, time the fish and the planet no longer have, rather than focusing enough on what the data teaches and then taking immediate action to correct. If there is inadequate safe fish passage at a dam due to predators or otherwise, we have a problem, and we have solutions for any size dam for a wide range of species. Why ever delay helping fish past a problem barrier? Yet, it happens every single day.

While disheartened at times by the slow embrace of innovation, we celebrate when we see extraordinary individuals promoted within after they champion a contemporary solution internally and do the creative and necessary work to navigate a regulatory maze. Thankfully it is these people who are now increasingly being recognized as leaders within their respective organizations.  We are grateful for the clarity of messaging that the Tribes and First Nations have gifted by reminding us that our collective actions (or inaction) today impact us all, as we are all inter-connected in the planet’s ecosystem, which is struggling, and needs our courage to acknowledge our past errors and the energy to champion new solutions.

We have worked hard to develop safer and better solutions with a lighter environmental footprint and to make them more accessible, more sustainable, and more adaptable than traditional concrete answers that were originally designed with a different focus. We delight in our colleagues who develop other new, elegant, innovative and repeatable solutions, because we prefer to accelerate fish recovery everywhere, for every barrier is an emergency to the life cycle of migratory fish.

We are delighted to offer quality, safe, and effective solutions wherever there are rivers and fish. When you buy product from Whooshh or buying Whooshh stock, you too can take a little credit for making some reparations and a positive impact on the long-term future of our planet, for your children, the fish, and generations to come.

We look forward to 2024 and a year of palpable progress, but it’s only a beginning. An investment in Whooshh is about scaling up to do so much more with one million dams worldwide. Its’ about deployable modular fish passage product solutions today, giving an immediate boost toward recovery of an altered ecosystem, and betting on our collective future, and a more nuanced way of removing the impact of barriers as we all adapt and move forward. 

Traditional solutions are not up for the monumental task of mitigating climate change to give us and the fish more time on this planet. So, we ask you to follow and dance with us, and together we can help “change” feel like less of a risk for those who have not yet conceded that the present processes are far too slow and expensive which make certain recovery ever more risky. It is each of us, the decisions we make each day in our respective roles in the greater ecosystem, that make the real difference. More urgency is needed when a solution exists. A lost season sets back recovery years. Our many product solutions are ready to help. As John Oliver said a decade ago, we are “ON IT” !  

Fish know when it’s time to stop swimming against the current, at some point the risk of doing more of the same thing and getting nowhere fast is greater than taking a leap and trying a different path. We are all there now. Take some time to Learn More about all of the product solutions we already offer. See our Solutions. With your support,  more solutions are on the way.

Would you like to dance with us and join the in-crowd by becoming an investor?  More and more are saying yes. To say yes, just go to today! *

Vincent E Bryan III

Founder & CEO

Whooshh Innovations Inc.


* Offering ends April 30, 2024. Bonus shares are still available if you hurry.


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