Investor Q&A Webinar Recap

04/14/23 03:00 PM Comment(s) By webmaster

We are pleased to report that our exclusive investor Q&A webinar was a hit! 

Due to popular demand, we’re excited to share our recap video of our latest discussion with you.

Here’s what you can expect:

During the Q&A session, attendees had the opportunity to ask CEO Vincent Bryan questions about our technology and its applications. Here are some of the questions that were asked:

  1. Do you have any patents or pending patents?

Yes, Whooshh Innovations has more than 50  patents and pending patents for its fish passage technology. The company is committed to protecting its intellectual property and ensuring that its technology remains cutting-edge and innovative.

  1. How do you address the challenge of getting fish to enter the portal?

The Whooshh team explained that the portal is designed to mimic the natural behavior of fish, using a combination of natural water flow and attraction flow  to entice fish to enter the portal. The system also has sensors and cameras to monitor fish behavior and adjust the flow and pressure as needed.

  1. Are you working with environmental groups to present Whooshh as an alternative to the removal of dams to promote spawning salmon and other native species?

Yes, the Whooshh team is actively working with environmental groups, tribes and other stakeholders to promote the use of its technology as an alternative to dam removal. The portal has been shown to be effective in improving fish passage and promoting the recovery of native fish populations, and the company is committed to working with community stakeholders to ensure that its technology is used in a way that is sustainable and beneficial for all.

We can’t thank our community enough for all of the support we’ve received, the Whooshh Innovations team is thrilled to see that our efforts are being appreciated.

For those who couldn’t attend, we encourage you to watch our Q&A webinar recap video to stay up to date on all of the progress we’ve been making.  We encourage you to head over to our raise page and join us as a shareholder for as little as $500 today.


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