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Lonesome's Invitation to Tahlequah

Dear Tahlequah¹ ,

This is Lonesome Larry².  You can call me Lonesome. Can I simply call you Tal? To begin, I am so happy for you and your newest addition, little J-57°, although probably not so little today. I am sure you are proud, just as I am of all my prodigy. I am hoping you have recovered enough since the death of your calf that together we might be able to make a difference for your species and mine. The survival of our species may depend on it.

You and I don’t know each other, but we’ve probably both heard of the other because of our 17 minutes of fame. Our newsworthy events put all river people on notice that things need to change, but the right changes aren’t happening nearly fast enough. Whenever the river people get together with the energy people, the money people, and the agriculture people, the legal people try to satisfy everyone.  They’re not experts on our species and they make it a lot harder than it need be, distracted and confused by the arguments and rhetoric, and bereft of ideas for practical solutions that can be implemented today. They aren’t talking to us who are living it every day, so they just don’t know.

So, Tal, I’m reaching out to you today because I’m scared, we don’t have much time left. You had a dramatic story to tell, and emergency measures were discussed, but mostly I think it was La Nina that made the biggest difference. With El Nino returning this winter and climate changes that were hidden these last few winters, we have no time to waste.

I thought that together we might tell another captivating story, such that we might really educate all the people in simple language, before decisions are made, however well intentioned, that will dictate our fate.  I believe all the people really want to help us, but none of them really are certain the solutions will work, and they are so risk adverse that they will study years more, while entirely missing on the sensible solutions that will help us the most today. So, I think we need to work together quickly, and spend a bit of time each day telling our story and passing on what we know to be true, in a series of posts.  Maybe we can capture the imagination of all the people and they will help spread the word.

What do you say?  You were an inspiration to so many.  We can help each other now, put aside our differences, in this most critical of times and come together for a common cause using our common knowledge. Through our uncommon dialogue, we can pass along how they can help us Salmonids, so we can help you Orcas before the people make their decisions.


Tal, I am scared. The people keep throwing litigation and money at the issues, but so much of it is wasted on people and their made-up legal issues, not on our issues. We don’t have time. Its our burden to carry once more. When the people don’t see the salmonid return in greater numbers like they hope they will after spending billions, we are doomed. The people may be too. We need to show them what sensible solutions will have an immediate impact for our collective benefit today. I’m certain they don’t know.

Looking forward to hearing back from you tomorrow. I hope you’ll join me.


Lonesome Larry 


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