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Lonesome: Haunted by the Untold Elwha Story

Dear Tal,

My apologies for bringing up such a painful memory. I do see why it provided clarity on the question I asked.  As an apex species, if you don’t have enough food in abundance when you need it most, and the pod is always on the move hunting, I can see why this would be hardest on the mot...

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Lonesome Larry Letter 1 of Many

Dear Tahlequah¹ ,

This is Lonesome Larry².  You can call me Lonesome. Can I simply call you Tal? To begin, I am so happy for you and your newest addition, little J-57°, although probably not so little today. I am sure you are proud, just as I am of all my prodigy. I am hoping you have recovered ...

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Lonesome: Dealing with the Noise!

December 10, 2023


Dear Tal,

Thank you for getting back to me yesterday and agreeing to serve as an advisor.  I also appreciate the reminder that there was at least one sensible and practical solution that was put in place that really helped you out.  Requi...

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